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The Hofbräuhaus: a recommended stop in Munich, Germany

By Ryan Sexton Having backpacked through Europe for 40 days a few years prior to my most recent trip, I have definitely tasted real beer and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But it was not until my more focused trip in Germany this year that I really got to experience German beer culturally.  Now in a way,…

El Mexicano Poreč, Croatia: mexican food in Europe done right

  Let’s face it, Europe is not known for its fine Mexican restaurants.  But what’s a guy, who grew up in southern California where great Mexican food can be found on each street corner to do when that craving kicks in.  The answer may surprise you; head to Poreč, Croatia and the brand new El…

Käse Spätzle : how to make the Schwabian mac and cheese

  Ok OK it just may be German mac and cheese but the truth o f the matter is that Käse Spätzle is easy to make and has a distinct flavor that will bring back memories of your trip to Bavaria.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Cheap Pocket of Meat: a great snack or lunch place in London

  Chunks of steak, hunks of potato, a variety of assorted vegetables, a subtle gravy all wrapped in a flaky pastry shell and this is only one variety; yours might have apples, cheese or bacon.  Your mouth is watering  for what the British call a Pasty and you can find an excellent sampling of them…

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