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Civitavecchia To Rome: how to get there

           So you’ve booked your ticket via cruise ship or ferry to or from Rome but you notice something odd. Your ticket says you arrive in or depart from Civitavecchia.  Now you’re faced with a couple problems. First how are you going to get from Civitavecchia to your destination and second how are…

Letter To The Editor: accommodation in rome

Hi! I am a Professor from India. I plan to visit Rome with my wife and my son on 28th for two nights. I am planning to stay at tiber village camp grounds after going through your blog. Can you tell me the cheapest acommodation available there. Suggest alternative options. Thank you in advance. S.—————————————-

Rome in a Day: seeing the eternal city without an eternity

     As a result of several miscalculations, one or two misprints in train and boat schedules and the simple fact that some European cities suck you in and leaving when expected doesn’t happen I arrived in Rome with only one full day to see the sites.  At first I thought this would be impossible…

No Need To Pitch A Tent: save money and camp in rome

  Rome is a busy city and a popular tourist destination.  Any trip to Italy almost has to compulsorily include Rome and Vatican.  What this means is that, like most places in Italy, the local Hotel and Hostel owners know that they can price gouge.  There is a way around this which at first, doesn’t…

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