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“Suppa”: a unique wine drink from Istria, Croatia

“A drink to share with friends.” “The original red-bull.” “Not what I expected.” These are all things I heard around a table at the highly recommended Konoba (Tavern) Astarea near Novigrad, Croatia when a local specialty “Suppa” was being served.
As it turns out this warm, wine/bread soup sort of drink is actually very good and does pack a bit of a punch. Probably best served on a cold winter night in a gathering of friends I thought I’d pass on the simple recipe for you to decide.

Istria, Croatia Wine Producers: a huge quantity of quality

  There are countless reasons to consider Istria, Croatia as a travel destination.  The scenery is amazing, the prices are low, the wild asparagus in the spring is delicious, the white truffles in the winter are to die for and the locals are as friendly as can be.  At the top of the list however…

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